Chong Wei: Papa, don't come to my wedding

Tentulah meriah di suasana yang tersangat manis yang menjadi sejarah dalam kehidupan ini apabila sepasang mempelai mendirikan rumah tangga dihadiri kedua ibu-bapa , sanak saudara dan sahabat handai.

Tetapi kenapa bapa kandung kepada LCWei boleh ter'cicir' dari senarai dif yang meraikan majlis penuh bersejarah itu yang turut dihadiri oleh VVVIP?

Ikutilah kisah tersebut di bawah.


Chong Wei: Papa, don't come to my wedding

Royalties, politicians, dignitaries, athletes—lots of famous people were at Lee Chong Wei and Wong Mew Choo's two-night wedding banquet last weekend. One VIP even sat between the husband and wife at the main table—though guests were surprised that the person wasn't family.
In fact, there was one family notably absent from the celebration—the 59-year-old father of the groom. When contacted about how he missed his son's wedding, Steven Lee Ah Chai—who lives in Bukit Mertajam, Penang—wept as he revealed that his invitation didn't get lost, it just never arrived.
Steven got a trendy haircut for the wedding.
Steven got a trendy haircut for the wedding.
"If he asked me to go, I will fly there immediately," said Steven, who could only share in Chong Wei's marriage—like his Olympic shot at the London Games—through a live TV broadcast. The old man did, however, send his son a text message to wish him a happier family than what he grew up with.
So why was Steven uninvited to the reception when 2,500 other people attended?
"It is a misunderstanding over a coat," said Chong Wei's dad. According to his rather vague story, Chong Wei came to blows with his dad over a coat and the two had an almighty row over the phone just days before the wedding.
"Maybe all the relatives here have gone to the wedding, so I have to stay back to take care of my [90-year-old] mother," Steven said as he consoled himself. That story seems fuzzy, too, because Chong Wei's grandmother lives in an old folks home.
According to locals in Lee's hometown, the real reason behind the family drama is that Steven has a gambling addiction. He apparently racked up debts up to seven figures and Chong Wei had to pay off the losses. But even after settling that bill, Steven continued to squander his son's fortune.
In June this year, Steven caused a commotion when he stopped his car in the middle of Penang Bridge, got out and stepped to the edge, leading to speculation that he had contemplated suicide. But Steven said he wasn't thinking of jumping, he was just enjoying the sea breeze because he couldn't sleep.
Dad and son in happier times.
Dad and son in happier times.
Locals also said that Steven had a mistress and never looked after his family, which forced his distraught wife to move to KL and live with their children. "Chong Wei and his siblings did not want to hurt the mother, so they decided not to invite Ah Chai," said one local.
Neither Chong Wei nor his family have commented on the matter.
Steven began preparing for the wedding a month ago. He had been practicing his singing with the hope of serenading the happy couple with a Mandarin love song. But his excitement turned to disappointment when his youngest son locked him out of the event.
Feeling dejected, Steven posted a long message on Facebook, saying: "Every child is a parent's treasure. Every couple wishes their children to grow up healthy and happy. It will be better if they are filial, but children nowadays only take care of themselves."
"I hope Chong Wei will have a small wedding reception in Butterworth for the relatives and friends who could not attend his reception in KL," he added.
Those who did go for the wedding of the year were China's badminton coach Li Yongbo, Indonesian shuttler Taufik Hidayat, former Chinese player Bao Chunlai, local sportsmen Wong Choong Hann, Razif Sidek, Cheah Soon Kit, Kwan Yoke Meng and Hafiz Hashim, and divers Huang Qiang and Pandelela Rinong.

Syukran jiddan ..sudi baca entry nie


Tanpa Nama
15 November 2012 pada 1:07 PTG

lol that big gorilla

15 November 2012 pada 1:57 PTG

arghh my eyesssss

15 November 2012 pada 2:09 PTG

bertambah maju blog dia (^_^)

15 November 2012 pada 3:02 PTG

@Prince of Noob awat dengan mata tu enche noob?

15 November 2012 pada 3:02 PTG

@Fariz Reza :) farid Reza jenguklah selalu blog ni.

15 November 2012 pada 3:24 PTG


15 November 2012 pada 6:42 PTG

kesian jugak kat bapak dia sebenarnya...

15 November 2012 pada 7:31 PTG

ayooooooo berat (T_T) , mungkin gambar banyak sagt dekat post...nanti buat jump break tau masa buat entry..

psssss......ramainyer fren dia kat fb....popular seh dia skang : p

16 November 2012 pada 12:19 PG

Kesian jugak dekat ayah dia, siap berlatih menyanyi apa. Mungkin kita tak tahu masalah dalaman dia.

27 November 2012 pada 12:14 PG

kalau betol la yang ayah dia tu ada 'perangai' pun... tak patut kot he was left uninvited,, ayat kot,,

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