Some of the lessons that I learned just in this Ramadan:


I just want to keep things simple. My mind has been in a complicated mess. I don’t want to suffer that again. I admit that it was in such a state because of my own doing. I don’t want to do that again. Never I want to do it again. I’ve learned my lessons, inshaAllah.

Some of the lessons that I learned just in this Ramadan:

1. Don’t get yourself attached to people too much. If you want to be needy, only be needy to Allah SWT. He’s always there. He will never hurt you.

2. Avoid wasting too much time conversing with people, even with your close friends. Because too much time of that could have been used to be spent with Allah SWT.

3. Although you are close to a certain person, never ever pour everything from your heart into their souls, they might be in good terms with you right now but you never know what they might do in the future. If you want to trust someone 100%, the only One who is capable of doing that is Allah SWT. If you want to complain, complain to Allah SWT alone.

4. Always recheck your intention. Is it lillahi ta’ala? If it’s other than that, seek repentance from Him and do as much good deeds at the time of your realisation. May Allah SWT forgive us, ameen.

5. Stop caring so much about your pride or reputation. These are worldly characters. These are what stopping you to gain knowledge and improve yourself. Be humble. You are mere His servant, nothing more.

6. Be kind. Know that everyone else is struggling. They have their own reasons why they seem to hurt you. Don’t take their rudeness or bad attitude seriously. They reacted that way not because of you but because of themselves.

7. Keep calm and keep praying!

*Perhaps also , do not reveal much of your intimate thoughts in FB :)

ila liqa'

Syukran jiddan ..sudi baca entry nie

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7 Ogos 2012 8:46 PTG

nice sharing

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