sebenarnya wat entry ni sbb asyik confront dgn org yg "english-phobic". is this the right term to use? kita niat nk practice, dia pulak pikir kita lain... but then again... you're right... "why care what people think about us?" 
me myself is not as good as others in English,but still I believe that we are all now still learning by time right?. so, why do we scared of doing mistakes while learning?.that's one point.

apart form that, language is really an important medium for us to connect with others. for example. as we are now in egypt. it is highly crucial for us speak the local language AT LEAST to be able to communicate. we speak to survive. that's another point.

also, language is an important element that should be taken into consideration for anyone doing the da'wah. because, if you are unable to deliver the message well than your da'wah doesn't work. so how do you deliver your message well? it's by the language. how do you reach to someone older, or someone younger and so on. true, it does not solely depends on the language, but also some other things like your method, knowledge and etc. but we as muslims, being able to practice English either speaking or writing or in any other way that we could contribute much in the da'wah itself. because ISLAM is not typically for melayu or arab. It's for all people worldwide, so you got my point here?. 

the one having that particular mentality is the one who is left behind. today people speak multiple languages eventho how broken they speak them so it's pointless to even care about these kind of people while everyone else is busy mastering the language. how fluent u speak, how nice and grammatical error free the sentence u construct, the kind of words u use portray your good command of the language. my 2 cent. peaceeeee :P 

whatever the language is, let the eyes wide open to observe and read, the ears used to listen, the tongue freely practicing & the mind digesting each and every part of it.. 

this is my humble opinion.

 :) The MENTALITY that those who talks in ENGLISH are just TRYING TO SHOW OFF, SHOULD CHANGE!
In Malaysia, Indians & Chinese ARE FLUENT SPEAKING IN ENGLISH.

My Ummi have gone to a seminar in which she is the only one who wore 'tudung labuh' and the chinese there underestimate her... but when the seminar have a question an answer slot... she tried to tell her answer, but those around her aren't convinced with her... and when the speaker told the answer, it turns out her answer is the best one!
how shocked everyone around her to know a muslimah wearing 'tudung labuh' knows the answer...

we should change this mentality! we should try as hard to be better in English.
I try to converse in English even though I knew I made lots of grammer mistakes & frequently use Malay words or words that are not that suitable to be used... but then again...


NOTA HATI -  berbicara pun ada seninya. kita suka dengar orang cakap biasa2 atau kita suka dengar orang cakap guna gaya bahasa yang menarik?. inilah hikmahnya bahasa. dengan bahasa kita melakarkan rasa, dengan bahasa kita menyampaikan kata, dengan kata kita menuturkan bicara. dan dengan bicara kita mendidik jiwa. 


Syukran jiddan ..sudi baca entry nie


6 Ogos 2012 11:15 PTG

yup,totally agreed with ms si pipi merah ^^
we're always in learning process as long as what it's called 'khalifah' on His earth right?huhu,me too..not really fluent in speaking n esp when it comes to grammar~but who cares?it's all depends on ourself.keeps moving forward for getting better in eng!

7 Ogos 2012 5:26 PG

i'm still learning too.. especially nihongo ^____^

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