Guess What to Giveaway?

The prizes:

1. Wallet/clutch
2. Clincher/Belt
3. Bangle/Bracelet 

Note: The prizes maybe the same or will be slightly different from the picture.

nak tak ?
klik pic di atas dan join!
segmen tamat - 25hb Julai 2012-

dan TEKA yang ini..

answer -spiral /canteen purse beg 

i hope .. 

Syukran jiddan ..sudi baca entry nie


17 Julai 2012 7:08 PTG

good luck ^^

18 Julai 2012 9:21 PG

TQ 4 joining.... almost.. tgu jwpn 26hb nnt yer... :)

27 Julai 2012 10:39 PG

Dear... u r the winner... email me ur address n no tel yer... :)

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