will you answer..??

Will You Answer?

Will You Answer the call?


Just a picture may tells you thousand words.

Looking to the picture itself, even if you are willingly to answer the call,
you may not have enough battery to allow you, being the one who may be the ears for Syria cries.

It will cut the voices of begging your helps down.
Just let you listening only the half of the real dreadful story and soon will make you ignoring it
and to be worst, you'll turn and get a deep sleep back.

How to keep you away from the low batteries?
Do charge it and never forget to make sure they're maintained full.

But how?
by recharging your HDA.


seriously, it smashed me down and made me realized how far I was to be the real muslim who cares of her brothers and sisters more than caring of herself...

.. please pray for them, Make du'a for them....

amin yarabbal alamin.... 

Syukran jiddan ..sudi baca entry nie

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14 Februari 2012 10:29 PG

itulah.. kita cuba membantu sedaya mungkin.. klu tak dapat tolong dgn tangan kita tlg dgn lidah..insyaAllah Allah msti dengar doa kita.. :)

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