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What I am saying to Muslims is that the power of the Others is coming from our own weaknesses. They are strong out of our weaknesses, so let us work on our weaknesses to see how we can reform that. ~ Tariq Ramadan.

Muslims must continue to build on their strengths in whatever forms they are....n special focus shld b the strength of relationship w Allah Swt n brotherhood among themselves.....n concurrently work on their weaknesses n improvise them....mudah2an ummah ini mampu bangkit kembali n memimpin semula dunia dgn rahmah n keadilan Islam...

Rasa macam cuak juga nak buat post pasal Tariq Ramadan ini sebab takut macam kalau ada tersalah tafsir apa dia cakap.Prof Tariq Ramadan ini sah sah penggunaan bahasa and taraf pemikiran dia high level, lepas itu dia cakap laju jugak. So, adalah certain things yang dia cakap macam berlaku 'indigestion' dalam diri sebab apekan daya, ilmu di dada tang politik, economic segala macam seriously cetek. Tapi takpelah. Post ini sekadar short summary apa yang macam boleh tangkaplah.

Stop bebel ok.

Cuit! Before that, tahu tak Prof Tariq Ramadan ini siapa? Usha sini: Tariq Ramadan

Okay, here are some points that I learned on that day. The title was Islam and The West.

Prof Tariq Ramadan was proposing political,economic and cultural management to respond to contemporary challenges without betraying Muslims identity. Here are some the issues:

Basically there are two problems.
a) New salafi trends in Egypt and Tunisia which Saudi Arabia and Qatar organization are supporting this religious party organization by funding them 80 millions dollars.
b) Tension between Syiah and Sunni. In their history, they have managed to find common ground and understanding. The situation in Iraq is speficic and the Western interference has something to do with this new fracture.
So. we need to find ways to reconcile Muslims but these are much more a political issue than a religious one.

It is soo important Arabic countries to have sub-sub relationship but because of them being too nationalistic, they are divided, they are too focus only about their country. No perpaduan.

Turkish Mosque. Syiah Mosque. Pakistan Mosque. Muslim shared common principles but there is cultural segregation.

Issue about revolution in Arabic countries such as in Egypt were also mentioned. Revolution does not mean only expelling the leader but the question is, what exactly they want? Also outsiders like us, only by reading newspaper, not knowing what is really happening inside the countries, we are so naive and emotional to support revolutions.STOP IT.

Islamic principles (such as rule of law, equality, accountability, majority decision process, etc.) are universal, and the Muslims should find new models according to their new environment and the new era by tackling these issues.

Self Reflection
Talk seperti ini sangat bagus kerana berjaya membuka minda sendiri untuk memikirkan mengenai Islam secara global. Before this, biasa dengar talk mengenai pembinaan individu Islam. Terasa macam katak di bawah tempurung, tak tahu perkembangan dunia Islam especially in Middle East. Tak apa tak apa. Life is a learning process. Mari banyakkan membaca lepas ini. insyaAllah. Also, we were amazed with Prof Tariq Ramadan. He is indeed intelligent person by the way he gave the talk and how he answered all the questions. And dia sangat sporting and pandai buat kelakar!

Wallahualam.Sorylah kalau content macam tak best. Ini yang termampu. Tapi at least dapatlah rough ideakan talk ini pasal apakan? :)

Syukran jiddan ..sudi baca entry nie


28 September 2012 2:41 PG

oo memang follow tariq ramadan ka
patut la lebih kurang ja pemikiran

btw memang best dia punya talk
byk kali dah talk dia kat malaysia
tapi sayang tak sempat nak p

28 September 2012 2:05 PTG

Ada betul apa yang diperkatakan. Negara Islam di Barat terlalu mementingkan negara mereka, mereka tidak bersatu. Jika mereka bersatu, Islam pastinya lebih kukuh.

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