1st Ramadhan without my Abi...


Words for today:

Berlapang dada ..

"..The beauty of a Muslim is that you're never perfect you always have room for improvement.."

so, don't see me as i am a perfect person
to a lot of 'aib' that Allah have covered for me.

Please keep reminding me, keep praying for me.
let us remind each other, okeh?

You, me and them are striving for the Love of Allah.
and it will never stop, as long as we not enter the grave.

counting the day to ramadhan, but we never can count the day of dying
maybe after a minute, a day, we never know.

Ya Allah, husnul khatimah -,-

oh! My Dear Sahabat-Sahabat..

Ramadhan is coming

the 1st Ramadhan without my Abi...

the one that always remind me after sahur to "niat"
the one that give me the zikir for each day in ramadhan
cook the "bubur lambuk" for me..

bring me to "kelas agama"
and a lot of sweet thing.

i miss you,i miss you! and the meaningful ramadhan with Abi..
may this coming ramadhan better, although you are not by my side.

Love you very much ♥ Abi!!

wait for me in jannah.insyaAllah.

(T_T )(T_T)

Lot Of Love & Du'a,

-Lynn Si Pipi Merah-
-2:00 AM-

Syukran jiddan ..sudi baca entry nie


13 Julai 2012 3:07 PG

diz is my 6th Ramadhan without umi. InsyaAllah we're going to see abi n umi in Jannah. Amin :)

13 Julai 2012 3:11 PG


13 Julai 2012 4:26 PG

@Natasha jazakillah khair ukhty...barakallah feekum..

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