Pelajar Lim Kok Wing Meninggal Dunia.

tua bukan jaminan mati
sakit jua bukan penentu ajal..

diriku dan diri kamu dan kamu jua tak lama dan tak jauh mana..

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un...


Mohd Fazli

semoga arwah  (gambar) ditempatkan dikalangan Para Solehin.

Amiin Yarabbal Alamin.


LONDON: Felda student at University Lim Kok Wing, Mohd Fazli Fadzillah,24 who died after jogging on Wednesday made an emotional speech thanking Felda for helping him to realise his dreams at a function last month.

The speech was made before Felda chairman, Tan Sri Mohd Isa Samad and Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department in charge of Felda, Datuk Ahmad Maslan as well as Director-general of Felda, Faizoull Ahmad at the university campus in London.

He said, “It is still fresh in my mind the day I was chosen among 100 students to study one semester abroad. It was unbelievable. Since I was in high school, I dreamt of stepping foot on this country, to walk among foreigners in this country and to feel the air in this country. It was a dream come true for me. Thank you Felda,” he said to applause from fellow students who came with him to finish their final year at the Lim Kok Wing University campus in London.

During the speech, he reflected on the day they arrived in London, “It was a very cold night, immediately I thought about the warmth in Malaysia. I missed home, I missed my Ayah, I missed my Ibu, I missed my friends and I missed my asam pedas ikan pari and keropok lekor. But this is not a vacation or honeymoon for us. We have a mission, we have to overcome many challenges and together we have to be transformed for Felda and for our country Malaysia.”

That rousing and emotional speech was to be his last one for the Creative Imaging and Digital Photography student from Felda Papan Timur, Johor, who collapsed and died yesterday morning while attending a four-day Felda Youth Leadership programme in Chingford.

According to Education Malaysia Director, Dr Mohd Anizu Mohd Nor who was there for the programme which began on Tuesday, Fazli had gone jogging in the morning and came back around 8am before collapsing in the dining hall. However, he recovered and took a cup of coffee and went out again. It was while outside that he collapsed a second time.

“The paramedics and doctor came and they tried to help him but he died around 8.30 in the morning, “ he said.

The body was taken to the Essex coroner and the funeral director from East London had been contacted to arrange for the transportation of the body to a hospital. It is expected that a post-mortem will be done before the body is transported back for burial.

Dr Anizu added that arrangements are being made for two members of his family, one of them his father, to fly to London.

The rest of the students at the Gilwell Park Activity Centre in Chingford were in shock and some were in tears when they heard the news. The programme was continued with recital of prayers for Mohd Fazli.

*extradural hemorrhage? sebab mcm ada 'lucid interval' di situ.. Allahualam.

Syukran jiddan ..sudi baca entry nie


12 Disember 2012 11:39 PG


12 Disember 2012 1:34 PTG

Al-fatihah...semoga arwah ditempatkan di kalangan para solohin...

12 Disember 2012 2:19 PTG

abang fendy juga salah seorang pelajar di sana...mungkin ini kawan dia kot..

12 Disember 2012 2:44 PTG

al fatihah ..

12 Disember 2012 3:48 PTG


Al-Fatihah. Daun akan gugur jua ke tanah tak kira muda atau tua.

12 Disember 2012 4:36 PTG

Al- Fatihah...

12 Disember 2012 5:53 PTG

Semoga ditemptkan di kalangan insan beriman....
Takziah untuk keluarga arwah....

12 Disember 2012 6:59 PTG


12 Disember 2012 8:23 PTG

al-fatihah.. terkejut gak dgar sb muda2 da kena serangan pnyakit jntung.. kena jaga kesihatan

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