Mohammad Salaymeh, 17 years old,He was shot 7 times to death by IOF soldiers.

He was shot to death by Israel while making his way to buy a cake for celebrating his own birthday with his family.

7 bullets.

dont we feel something?

12/12/12: Hebron, Palestine - Mohammad Salaymeh, 17 years old, celebrates his birthday at school. He was killed minutes ago in Hebron, Palestine as he was making his way to the bakery to buy his own birthday cake to celebrate with his family. He was shot 7 times to death by IOF soldiers.

This is a photo of him earlier today at school, celebrating his birthday with his friends.

Today was Mohammed's birthday, #IOF shot him dead as he was going to get a cake (Photo from early today). MOhammaed is the brother of Awad Slaymeh who was liberated by Hamas- Occupation exchange deal and deported to Gaza.


"All Gaza in Graves!".

this is what they believe in.

Syukran jiddan ..sudi baca entry nie


13 Disember 2012 7:08 PTG

Ya Allah kejamnya :/

13 Disember 2012 7:30 PTG

tiada kata2!

13 Disember 2012 8:33 PTG

Bila tiada sifat kemanusiaan menguasai diri....

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