It is said that you will commit suicide right after listening to the "overture to death". Hundreds of people (including the composer and his wife), commited suicide right after listening to this song, for some strange reason. It is said that you will hear a subliminal message deep in this song. This song, unlike the others, is the ORIGINAL. You can Google this if you like... 

banyak kali dah dengarr lagu ny...tapi tak mati2 pn.....ngarut je!!! auta semua fakta dan jangkaan mereka! nonsense!!!

Be careful with your knowledge, for it may be your ticket to Jannah or Jahannam. Be humble. Anyone can be knowledgeable. But very little can be modest. Remember, Iblis was not stupid. He was arrogant”.........

got it?


Syukran jiddan ..sudi baca entry nie

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