my ummi

hari nie satu hari kena speking entry nak speking jew..boleh eh??
agak serabut sikit.. ermm ta agak memang pun..


everybody was making new entry regarding mother day, i don't want to, but i think i have to as i have mom! :P

my ummi, she was simple and not so fashionista laaa, that's why i'm not interesting with cloths and stuffs! but she loves shoes and handbags, i think i should buy her one!(still not have chance)

as a quran teacher, she is strict and not so adorable(honestly) but she's very good in giving advice about anything but only me and my sisters know her lack, heeeee..

she is an emotional and sensitive person, easy to cry even in front of me. i mean not cry like uwauwauwa, only the tears come out laaa!!! :))

above all, i love her for who she is!
she is the one who taught me how to read quran and how to pray, i love her more than anything else!!

p/s: i would want my children to call me ibu!! :P

itu je oKbai..

Syukran jiddan ..sudi baca entry nie


2 Februari 2012 2:51 PG

tingin nk jmpa ummi. ;)

2 Februari 2012 5:47 PG

boleh... nanti kami datang walimah sahabat oke..jemputlah ye..:)

Tanpa Nama
2 Februari 2012 7:07 PTG

ummi..itulah panggilan utk ibu sy..n adik sy dpanggil ibu oleh anaknye yg xtau ckp lg..haha

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