cinta saya kasih awak..

i love you because of Allah

i love you because of Allah

it seems easy to say but to make it comes true, that's the difficult part.
today, i was going to a majlis of my batch with our seniors..
and we're talking, discussing, realizing about our ukhwah as muslim.

how much actually we love our friends because of Allah?
how much actually we want to enter jannah together with them?
how much we tried to convince them that islam is the right path?
and how much we tried to tell them that they're wrong when they're making mistakes?

honestly, i'm not trying too much!
i'm telling this not because i'm perfect and my knowledge about my religion is not perfect,
but i'm talking about how much we actually care about our muslim friends!

i realized how much i cried today.
i cried because i'm totally a loser, big loser!

Syukran jiddan ..sudi baca entry nie

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