Ramadhan 2

2 days of ramadhan.. :D
Alhamdulillah.... we in the month of barakah !
Where it is in this month
"Somebody is leaving"
No shaitan no iblis
Just you and your desires alone
Let us pray to Allah
to give us the strength to maximise our ibadah in this month
to increase our good deeds
Where everything will be multiple by Allah SWT

the blessed month has come to you,
wherein Allah turns towards you and sends down to you His special mercy,
forgives faults, accept prayers,
looks at your competitions for the greatest good and boasts to His angels about you.
So show your righteousness to Allah.
Verily the most pitiable and unfortunate
is the one who is deprived of Allah’s mercy this month"

Fasting does not give you excuse to be weak
Look at the companions during the Battle of Badr
Muslims were way stronger in Ramadhan
Free our heart from hatred
Free our soul from this dunya
Lets work for it together !
InshaAllah :)

may this Ramadhan be the best Ramadhan in our life

p/s: *Reminder to myself before anyone else*

Syukran jiddan ..sudi baca entry nie

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