somehOw i am standin' in between LOVE OR HATE

 it hurt me wen the person who loves me get hurt. mungkin btol. memg btol. saia takut nk brcinta. saia takut. tp.saia xpenh brhnty syukur cz thu adew org sygkn saia. saia...xthu..saia xreti..saia xphm. saia xkn phm. saia xthu.. saia xnk tahu...y is it hard to get? skitnyer. peritnyer. ku lalui sendiri. bukn hak org len untuk rse ape yg saia rse. its minenot yours. no matter who you are. its just me. ckp la saia neyh ego. ckpla saia neyh selfish. if u tink im deserve dat. then let it be. let me figure my thin's on my own
dun make fool of yourself. i know who am i. i juz dont. dont believein myself. nothin' bout you. its all about me. dun blame yourself. blame it on medun cry for me. cz im not worth it to be cry on. dun begstop beggin'. it will only hurt u moredun say a word. cz imnot listenin'dun type anythin'. cz im not readingdun wait. its killin' youn oso stop hopin'. cz i hate all of it!

 L.O.V.E  Y.O.U. A.B. I. .N. U.M.I.E
for being the wOnderful mum n dad  i have eva had..=)
             LOVE U BOTH SO MUCHH!! =)

i look atYOU..

 we've been given a chance to get dat one everlasting "happiness" after all da mistakes and any flawless dat we've done so far. wat we give n get in return is based on wat we do.


Syukran jiddan ..sudi baca entry nie

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