my hOpe and feAr,,,

Hope And Fear

Taqwa? Am i one of the "muttaqin"?

I dont think so and i am sure i'm too far from it
I am a loser, i cant keep things consistently
What do i get from fasting?
Just thirsty, tired and hungry?
Just that?
I told myself "I am a Mujahid"
Mujahid is not a weak person
Jihad is her clothes, Ikhlas is her actions
Everyone can be the ignorant
No effort is needed
Not even the single tiny one
But to be a good servant of Allah, not everyone can do that
It takes a lot of efforts and only Paradise can pay them

always remember what Imam Ghazali said

“‎If you forget Allah, He will make you forget yourself. If you forget yourself, how can you know anything?”

Allah, You're my strength

Please dont leave me
I need you in my life
More than anything else

*everything in dunya won't last,so don't get too attached*


Syukran jiddan ..sudi baca entry nie

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